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Site Speed

How fast is your website? We will show you, both on Mobile and Desktop. Your site must be optimized to deliver speed!

SEO Issues

Our SEO Checker will take deep look into your site, showing you what's right and what's wrong with your SEO. If there are any technical issues, it'll find them too!


Our SEO Checker will not only show you how many backlinks you have to your site, but it will show if you have any TOXIC backlinks!

Best performers for your keywords in search results

Your site position on search engine result pages greatly influences your site traffic. The better the position, the more traffic your site may expect. The average site position is calculated for (USA) - (USA) - (Mobile) and (USA)

Popularity in social media

Each mention in social media makes your brand more recognizable and brings you targeted traffic. The social media performance of your home page is compared to
those of the best performers in your industry.

Site usability issues

More and more searches today are performed on mobile devices. Your site should look perfect both on mobile and desktop devices and they should do well at converting visitors into customers. Search engines use page speed and a usability score to rank site pages.

Page speed score (Desktop)

This shows whether or not your site pages load fast on PCs.

"Page Not Found" issues

This shows if your site has broken links that will lead your visitors to a
page with a 404 error. "Page not found" issues reduce your site quality
and may negatively impact your site visitors' experience.

Broken images

This shows if there are red x's instead of images on your site pages.

Slow response time pages

This shows if there are pages that load slowly due to insufficient server
response time.

Site rankings in search engines

If your site is not found on the first page of the search engine results for key terms, then it doesn't exist for your prospect customers.

Pages with a non-optimized TITLE tag

This shows how many pages of your site either have no TITLE tag or have overly long or duplicate TITLE tags.

Pages with an excessive number of outbound links

This shows how many pages of your site have too many links that point to other sites. This may be considered by search engines to be spam.

Pages with a non-optimized heading

This shows how many pages of your site have either no H1 heading or more than one H1 heading on a page. Missing or excessive usage of H1 headings will decrease your rankings because search engines consider it to be optimal to have just one H1 heading, in order to determine a page's theme.

Ease of access to your site for search engines

The ease of access is defined by the presence of a sitemap
(sitemap.xml or sitemap.xml.gz) and robots.txt in the root directory of

Our results are pulled from the following APIs:

semrushalexalighthouse seo tools
google analyticsmozmajestic

Site visitors (traffic)

Each site visitor is a prospect customer of yours. The more targeted traffic your site gets, the higher your revenue will be.

SEO factors that influence site visibility on search engines

Search engines use hundreds of factors to decide what site better fits the needs of searchers. If your site has no site visibility issues, it will be ranked higher on the
search engine result pages and get more targeted traffic.

Mobile optimization

More and more people use mobile devices and tablets for web surfing.
Mobile optimization can increase sales, generate more traffic and boost
customer engagement.

Page speed score (Mobile)

This shows if your site pages load quickly on mobile devices.

Server issues

This shows if there are site pages that could not be accessed because
the server was too slow to respond.

Broken anchors

Broken anchors make navigation on your site pages less convenient and
user friendly.

Page access issues

This shows if site pages with limited access (401, 403 errors) can be
found by your users. These pages should not be accessible to your site

Toxic links pointing to your site

Low-quality (toxic) backlinks can have a negative impact on your site rankings or even provoke search engines to ban your pages, not rank certain keywords or remove the site from search results.

Pages with a non-optimized Description tag

This shows how many pages of your site either have no Description tag or have too long or duplicate Description tags.

Pages with a non-optimized URL

This shows how many page URLs of your site have an excessive number of dynamic parameters or specific characters that make it not understandable for visitors and search engines.

Pages with search engine unfriendly redirects

This shows how many pages of your site have META Refresh or 302 redirects. Those redirects are search engine unfriendly and pass no link weight to the target pages.

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